Senegal hailed as Africa's coronavirus hero for producing N360 testing kits

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- The country is testing every citizen for the deadly disease either they show symptoms or not - Senegal has developed testing kits that cost $1 (N360.50) each and $60 (N2,163) 3D printed ventilator - The country has the highest recovery in Africa and the third in the world Senegal has adopted a novel approach to the fight against coronavirus by testing every citizen of the country either they show symptoms of the deadly disease or not. The country has also developed one of the world's most affordable coronavirus testing kits, which costs $1 (N360.50) each, $60 (N2,163) 3D printed ventilators.The man identified as Samuel N on Twitter said he has tested positive for COVID-19, and that he has not eaten for the past 13 days due to the deadly disease. He said his main concern is to survive the virus, suggesting that people should focus on keeping safe instead of complaining of lockdown. The Nigerian man said he has been under the care of the National Health Service in the United Kingdom since he tested positive for the disease. He tweeted: "We are at war fighting an invisible enemy, everyone needs to join hands together to defeat the common enemy. "Please follow all government and NCDC advice and guidelines. "Hunger that has hope can never kill you. Always maintain social distancing, wash your hands and sanitise."
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