Mike Tyson, boxing legend, sold 50-room mansion to 50 Cent for £3.3m in 2003

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- Mike Tyson sold his mansion in 2003 to rapper 50 Cent - The boxing legend was declared bankrupt and had to sell - Tyson's mansion has 50 rrooms and was sold at £3.3m Mike Tyson was known for his brutal and merciless punches against opponents during his active boxing days which made him as one of the greatest boxers ever. The American made so much money during his career in boxing and was the youngest boxer to win an heavyweight title when he was just 20 years. Going by all his achievements and the money he made, one will find it difficult to believe that Mike Tyson was declared bankrupt in the year 2003. And according to the report on UK Sun, things were very difficult for the American that time that he had no choice than to sell his 50-room mansion. Surprisingly, it was rapper 50 Cent who was reported to have bought Mike Tyson's mansion in Connecticut for £3.3m which was way low that the amount he got the house.

But since he had no other choice then, he had to let go the gigantic mansion which has two swimming pools, nightclub and a studio. The report added that the mansion also has 25 special bedrooms and selling the house remains a bitter pill for Mike Tyson to swallow up till today. During the time Mike Tyson sold his mansion, he was said to be having massive debt of £17m and was looking for all possible ways to make sure that he pays. The mansion has a marble floor everywhere and there is a lion statue in front of the entrance which welcomes visitors. However, there were also reports that 50 Cent complained years back that the mansion is too expensive to maintain claiming that it costs him £50,000-per-month.
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