The AAS Grant: The African Academy of Sciences Grant (Modern Slavery)

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African Innovators looking to apply to The African Academy of Sciences grants advertised as their website https://www.aasciences.africa/ are advised to go through the terms and conditions of this organization before committing their research, innovations, and future to this program.
The program does not in any way have your interest at heart, AAS is designed to hog all the glory from the potential commercialization of your product without taking any associated risk in the guise of 'grants.
The African Academy of sciences and their funders Bill and Melinda gates foundation(we do not know to what extent their involvement in this scam), Swedish International development cooperation agency do not have the interest of Africans at heart as this is another way of perpetuating and propagating neo-colonialistic agenda through forceful owning and theft of innovations by Africans for Africans that actually work.

AAS Terms and condition
When commercializing AAS-funded IP you must prioritize the delivery of public benefit, with no excessive private or personal benefit(s). You must also:
>obtain our written consent (not to be unreasonably withheld) before you begin commercialization.
>report fully on the commercialization activities.
>enter into our revenue and equity sharing agreement in place at that time as consideration for our consenting to commercialization.
Variation and Termination
13.1 AAS reserves the right to amend these grant conditions, policy and the terms of the grant letter at any time. Changes will be published on our website and once published, any changes will apply to the grant.

Whoever drafted this T and C must not just be dumb but stupid, wicked and heartless. This is a scam. AAS is should not paint themselves in any altruistic colors. Simply call your self an investment outfit.
I wouldn't be surprised that all these stupid and ridiculous terms are not written by native Africans but some sick people looking to entrench their colonilistic values through daylight robbery of Africans furthe.
Stay away from so-called grants like these from terrible organizations like AAS.
These guys do not care about your innovation or its beneficial purposes. All they care about is you proving your innovation and them leeching from it in perpetuity. Do not subscribe to this modern slavery.
This is 2020, not 1950's. Africa is different now. Grants should be grants and not some sick way to steal.

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